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I did not get my robux! Site is a scam?

Our website is 100% legitimate. Before anything, make sure you actually completed the offer. This includes: read the description of the offer, make sure app is downloaded, or make sure you finished the survey. Many users complain before they read everything. If you did everything right, it will be a bug from our source or offer wall companies. Please redo the offer or do another one.

I need help! Where is my robux?

First things first, make sure you completed the offer. Read the box above this, many users complain before they finish reading the offer's description. Make sure you opened the app for more than 60 seconds. After that, make sure you did not duplicate the offer download, as in did it a couple days ago, etc. Then, make sure you completed the offer. If you did, it will be a bug from our offer wall. Please redo the offer or do another.

How does referrals work on this site?

Basically, there is a percentage of earnings whenever you refer a user. Say you refer a friend, and they complete an offer, you will receive a % of whatever amount the offer was worth. Our current site referral percent is 5. This means that if your friend did a R$100 offer, then you will receive R$5 to your withdraw box. You will be able to withdraw that instantly to your account.

Do you guys own the images?

We do not own any images associated with other parties such as ROBLOX.com. We are a friendly third party website that helps its users earn robux without actually spending money to purchase it. Any logos or trademarks are used for reference purposes only. By using our website, you agree to our terms and services. We are friendly and hope you enjoy.

Any copyright or labels?

We are partnered with a media label called Vemiura. All assets and advertisements to it’s rightful owners. Vemiura is a multi media label for all different types of uses/purposes. For inquiries, join our Discord.

Does this site need my password?

No. We would never ask you for anything personal. We do not need passwords for our website. You simply need to enter your username and then you can complete offers and start earning yourself some robux. It is very easy and simple to do our offers. Most include surveys or downloading apps. Please use a phone for downloading apps.